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Mikhail Korzhev makes a cogent and convincing case for this repertoire, which comes as no surprise, given his dazzling and authoritative recordings of Krenek’s first three piano concertos. 
(February 2023)

Past Events

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Mikhail Korzhev - Visiting Ernst Krenek's house in Palm Springs, California (Oct. 2019)

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New Releases Classical CD
Top Sales Ranking #9
(August 6, 2019)
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Guest Lecture Recital

California State Univ., Northridge (Oct. 2022)

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Nov. 11, 2017

The award ceremony - Anassilaos Prize


- given by the regional government of Calabria (Italy) for the achievements in arts & sciences.


This year I became one of the recipients of this prize since my recordings of Complete Piano Concertos by Ernst Krenek were recognized by the Anassilaos Foundation as a major contribution to the musical arts. (M. K.)"

An award goes to the CD recordings of all Piano Concertos by Krenek!

For the two internationally acclaimed CD recordings of Bärenreiter composer Ernst Krenek's Piano Concertos Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, pianist Mikhail Korzhev has been awarded the "Premio Anassilaos Arte Cultura Economia e Scienze". The awards ceremony will take place on the 11th of November at the Palazzo Campanella in Reggio di Calabria. Vol. 2 contains many works published by Bärenreiter.

We are delighted for Mikhail Korzhev and congratulate him warmly!…/ernst-krenek-complete-piano-…/

Die CD-Gesamteinspielung aller Krenek-Klavierkonzerte ist ausgezeichnet worden!

Für die beiden in der internationalen Presse gefeierten CD-Einspielungen von Ernst Kreneks Klavierkonzerten Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, wurde Mikhail Korzhev mit dem „Premio Anassilaos Arte Cultura Economia e Scienze“ ausgezeichnet. Die Feierlichkeiten zur Auszeichnung finden am 11. November im Palazzo Campanella in Reggio di Calabria statt. Vol. 2 enthält mehrere Werke von Krenek, die Bärenreiter verlegt hat.

Wir freuen uns sehr für Mikhail Korzhev und gratulieren herzlich!

Classical CDs Weekly

August 2017

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